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Other Documents

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                               ABOUT REGISTERED DOCUMENTS

  •  Real documents are registered in the national database and contain all the applicant’s vital information.
  •  Genuine documents comply with all the legal requirements imposed by authorities. They can be used for border crossings and other cases involving scanning procedures.
  •  With real ID cards or driver’s licenses, you can apply for renewal when needed.
  •  Genuine documents will cost more because they need to be registered according to the official requirements.
  •  With all registration issues in mind, production of real documents takes longer ,maximum 5 to 7 working days

                            ABOUT FAKE DOCUMENTS

  •  Fake documents are not registered in any system. They are issued to a person for camouflage purposes only.
  •  Although they do look like government-issued ones, false documents shall not be scanned by
    data-reading machines as your personal information is not going to show up.
  •  You cannot apply for renewal if your ID card or driver’s license hasn’t been registered previously
  •  As no paperwork is required for producing fake documents, they are priced much lower.
  •  In most cases, your false document will be ready in a matter of one or two days.
  • Scan-able Bar-codes

  • Ultra Bright UV Security

  • Quality Holograms

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Discrete Packaging

  • Fast Shipping


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